Authentic Italian,

produced in the heart

of the Inner West.

Our ready cooked meals are a must for any establishment with limited kitchen space. They are designed to retain their taste and integrity after production, as well as save time. There is next to no preparation required, simply heat and serve. The range consists of over 20 complete meals, including lasagne, pasta meals and soup, all of which are made on a daily basis.

Our Products

Central Location

We are located in the heart of Marrickville,

meaning we can guarantee fast and

reliable delivery to businesses in the 

CBD and Sydney's outer suburbs.

Quality Product

Our traditional recipes have been passed

down through generations and still

maintain their authenticity.

We take great pride in providing a

superior product to our customers.

Competitive Pricing

We focus on making our product great from local ingredients while keeping prices as low as possible.


Fresh Pasta

Our fresh pasta is our pride and joy. We use 100% Australian flour and produce it daily. Available in al denté style Durum, P Farina flour, Wholemeal or Gluten Free, you'll be confidently serving your customers the highest quality pasta on the market.

Available in 1kg food service packs or 500g retail packs.

Filled pasta, Gnocchi + Cannelloni

Our filled pasta and gnocchi range is a must for any Italian inspired kitchen. Packed full of real ingredients, and available in either Durum or P Farina flour, you can be sure that your customers will be back for more.

Available in 1kg wholesale bags or 600g retail containers.

Our sauces are all slow cooked and made from the freshest ingredients, boasting unbeatable flavour and appearance. They are fully cooked and heat sealed immediately after production to ensure extended shelf life.  

Available in 3L wholesale packs or 450mL retail containers.

Our arancini are a great addition to any menu. They are handmade and perfect for a smaller size meal or catering for events. They are available in 4 flavours as well as cocktail sizes.