Chef Express or The Pasta Factory?

This is our first blog post ever, so to get started I believe we should clarify the difference between 'Chef Express' and 'The Pasta Factory'.

'Chef Express' is our wholesale brand that trades exclusively in the business to business market, providing some of Sydney's best restaurants, cafes and bars with our wide range of Italian inspired products. 'The Pasta Factory' on the other hand is our factory outlet which is located on Buckley Street in Marrickville, were we are open to the public and provide the same high quality products at factory prices.

Inclusive in our range available from both brands are a huge variety of ready made meals, fresh pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, cannelloni, sauces and arancini. We are also direct importers of fruits & berries from South America, and have most recently began production of a wide selection selection of Gluten Free products including pasta and sweets. For more information check out our website or call us on 9519 3488.

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